Friday, November 19, 2010

The Most Memorable in My Life..........

On 19 November of 2010, yesterday, I went to a very special place for me. Name a place that is no stranger to myself, beseri, indeed take a long time to get there .. However, in the spirit of the cease-fire has made me be like in the sky .. unnoticed, the journey that took me over 2 hours I did not feel as a way of boring .. my arrival there, my heart skipped a beat like a cow to be slaughtered .. even so, I still bring myself because I know I'm good intentions are certainly rewarded with a good service .. a considerable distance from the point, I can see her already involved waiting for me outside her house .. i could guess what was in her heart.. definitely she could also know what was in my mind.. Awesome!! Truly my zaujah fil mustaqbal..

I felt all of my plans before were running well.. it seems as a good starting for me in order to come for another time to get hitched with her,huhuhuhu... sometimes i thought that she was never care for me yet always to be indifference person.. huh!! BUT, when i knew her for many years,i could infer that she not a hussy i expected to many girls in today's world.. It was something gruesome for me!! LOVE....will depicted explicitly when both of us trust with each other, know how to perceive sacrifices and others... AHHH!!! back to my story again... yeah, her parents talked kindly with full of courtesy and did not let us being in jail...

Undeniably, ambience at her area a little bit made me restive...I felt the temperature there was so high!! I almost could not be patient anymore BUT due to her conscience, i finally succeeded reinvent my viscid enthusiasm to stay there until evening..WHY? All of them are bcause of LOVE... Just then, i thought to go back home when i noticed it was going to be continued...hehehe