Tuesday, March 23, 2010

zikroYaati abadan abada......

Early in the morning of 31 oct 2006,i decided to surf internet...i felt so mundane so that i just entered to a chat room in ..just then,i saw a nice was ayu_chitee!!
as i chatted with her,i felt something that was very strange to me..i got very excited when she had agreed to be my friend..yeah,it was very unique to me because she was a gorgeous girl..i thought for many times n whispered to myself..'' Is she the best one that i want to be mine before? oh hoo..i found it! i felt it was a dream that became reality! Since then,day by day i started to chat with her frequently... We always chat in ym that being our suitable place to know each other closely..

After a year i waited for her hp no,lastly she gave her hp number to me as she was convinced to me.. Our relationship became more serious.. One day, she faced a big problem with her family... She had to leave me!! On 28 June of 2008, she left me forever... In the crucial time that, i cant image how i wanted to say.. I felt very sorrow n i tried to find her.. When i entered my room, i screamed loudly.. AyUUUUUU!!!!!!!! Dont leave me!!!! Dont leave me,dear!!! I dont know what is the best way to find her.. Everyday i would never surrender to find her again.. After she lost out of my life, i could feel that it was similarly to a very precious thing lost too... Its miserable story in my life... I could not afford to do anything except pray n pray to Allah everyday... I would never misconstrue about her because i knew she was not a hussy... I was convinced that...

Possibly she was never conscious yet that i was very sincere in our relationship... It was so arduous for me to survive in my life without her... Everyday i thought how to rectify this situation... I did not wanted to be an unscrupulous person due to this situation... Virtue of high toleration was became one of the factors of my success.. After a year, my instinct had changed.. She emanated in my dream!!! I was dreamt that she came back to me n we started to be a happily couple as before.. Since then,she promised to me that she would never repeat her mistake again... Till now,we are being a happily n suitable couple... We praised to Allah.. May Allah bless our relationship... Dakwah was my inspired to know with her... Thats all... Syukran jazilan limaqru' haza ar risalah!!